Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

When will construction begin on the new Redmond Senior & Community Center and when will the building open?

Pre-construction is scheduled to begin in early 2022 with construction beginning in Summer 2022 and plans to open the doors to the community in late 2023.

How will the project be funded?

The total project cost will be approximately $44 million. There is currently $17 million in the approved Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. Additionally, the City has received a state grant of $1.25 million and other federal grant requests have been made. The remaining funds will come from additional CIP funds, fundraising efforts in the community, and council-manic bonds approved by City Council. This bond will not require voter approval or increase taxes and will utilize future revenues to pay the bonds.

What is the City Council’s role in this project?

On July 20, 2021, the City Council voted 6-0 with a recommendation that staff proceed with the project’s current schematic design and $44 million dollar project budget for this facility. Parks and Recreation staff will return to Council throughout the fall and winter with additional information about funding options and updated cost estimates.

City Council will approve contracts, budget appropriations, and other policy level decisions throughout the process. Information about these meetings can be found on the Get Involved tab.

What are the major milestones coming up?

Design Development begins in August. In this phase, the design team will focus on developing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems. They will initiate architectural detailing, specify design elements and material types. Finally, this phase will finalize the location of walls, windows, and doors. This phase will bring the design to 60% completion.

When will the floor plan of the building be shared with the community?

The initial design concept was shared with City Council on May 4, 2021 at the Parks and Human Services Committee of the Whole. This design concept will continue to be refined through the design development phase. You can view the design concept here

What’s the status on a community partner adding on to the Redmond Senior & Community Center?

On June 1, City staff presented a recommendation to City Council Parks and Human Services Committee of the Whole not to proceed with a capital partner. To view this meeting, click here. This update is the first item on the agenda.

Partners for recreation activities and services will be contracted through existing processes. Opportunities for these activities and services in new Redmond Senior & Community Center will be determined in 2023.  

Will the building be LEED certified?

The project scope and budget are planning for LEED Gold Certification at this time from the US Green Building Council with the following assumptions:

  • High quality, resilient, sustainable building materials
  • All electric building
  • Solar panels to provide alternative energy to the building

How can the public be involved?

A project inbox is open for public comment 24/7 at

There are several opportunities for community investment as Solar Champions and Community Builders. All of the public's investments to purchase a solar panel or a paver for the new building are tax deductible.

The public can also follow the work of the Recreation Stakeholder Group by viewing their meeting agendas. Members of the public can view the recordings of the public meetings that occurred in February and March. View the document library to read about the need for community space and the background of the project.

Tune in for City Council briefings to stay up to date with the most recent updates of this important projects and make your voice heard!

project schedule. An accessible description can be found below
Project schedule. Click to enlarge the graphic. 

"Preliminary Design" includes Design Concept, Schematic Design, and Design Development.

The following is an accessible description of the above project graphic. The project schedule begins in 2021 and continues through 2023. The phases of the project schedule are as follows: Program and concept design - January 2021 to March 2021; schematic design - April to July 2021; final design - August to December 2021; construction - summer 2022 through 2023. Public and community involvement will occur throughout the project phases. During the program and concept phase and throughout schematic design, the following will occur: stakeholder meetings every two to four weeks; public meetings in February and March 2021; city council briefings monthly from March to July; community briefings on a monthly basis or as requested; senior outreach on a monthly basis or as requested. During the final design phase and as construction begins, some community involvement will continue but may be scaled back once the building design and budget have been approved by the City Council.